What would you do if your ideal man came to life just in time for Valentine's Day?

LOGLINE:  A single, struggling young artist has a Valentine's day that challenges her notions on romance when a sketch of her perfect man magically comes to life.

SYNOPSIS: Emily, an aspiring artist, is a hopeless romantic and helpless cynic living New York City. Valentine's Day is coming and she doesn't have date. While daydreaming with her best friend Meg, Emily draws a portrait of what her ideal man would be. When her Dream Date magically comes to life, they embark on a whirlwind date but Emily soon realizes her perfect man may not be her perfect match after all.

Maria Stamenkovic Herranz as Margarita and Ella Zoller as Emily


Emily is as cynical as she is romantic. All she wants is to fall in love, but her own anxiety and narrow-mindedness have made her blind to both suitors and flirting opportunities. A studio art major and aspiring painter, she's 23 and frustrated that she's stuck teaching middle school art classes. Despite her neuroses, Emily is fun and sincere.

Meg is Emily's best friend and roommate. A 3D animator, Meg is part artsy, part techie, and like Emily, desperately single. She's also the voice of reason/reality against Emily's hyper-romantic thought processes.

Margarita de la Costa Whimsical, wise, and just a little bit crazy, Margarita is the Fairy Godmother figure of the film. She's an outrageously talented and successful painter, but instead of New York snobbery, she has loveable Latina charm.

Zach As the new woodshop teacher in the school where Emily works, Zach is a genuine dude who is totally unaware of the old fashioned chivalry that Emily aspires to see in him.

Dream Date is devastatingly handsome and charming, with classic, sexy European looks- think David Beckham with the swagger of Javier Bardhem. He's fictional, so his personality is pretty one note- and that note is "Prince Charming." He's so suave, it's utterly ridiculous, but swoon-worthy nonetheless.

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