Dream Date is an urban story with screwball comedy, magic realism and satire of modern romance.

Society has always celebrated the notion of a “perfect man” as an essentially fantastical Prince Charming figure. From every Disney princess movie to classic Hollywood film, to even the modern Sex and the City- the happy ending means settling down with no less than a flawless bachelor.  Why shouldn't we aspire to finding our ideal mate- someone who matches all of our fantasies and our checklist of specifications? 

Dream Date answers this question by showing that Emily's idea of the perfect man according to her "specifications" was a completely unfounded (and literally a) cartoon that has little to do with what she really wants deep down. Emily, like many of us, had become so preoccupied with her fantasies and aspirations, that she lost her ability to see and embrace reality.

Dream Date is a romantic comedy, so of course it will be romantic and funny. But what distinguishes this film from all the other rom-coms out there? Dream Date is:


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